Critical Cyber Skills – Detroit

March 20, 2020

Can you track a website or an email to a physical location? or to a person?

On 20 March 2020 the Fraternal Order of Investigators (FOI), MASIP and other co-sponsoring associations will be providing a new full-day (8.0 CEs) training event at Madonna University (Livonia, MI). “Critical Cyberskills 1.5” is an Intermediate-level course and expands upon the knowledge base covered during “OSINT – Day I”, the most recent FOI-MASIP training hosted by Madonna University.

No programming skills or prerequisites are required for this new seminar. “Critical Cyberskills 1.5” is divided into two (2) Modules, each covering essential and custom-tailored knowledge for law enforcement, investigative and security professionals:

Morning – “Exploitation of Digital Devices”

     Instructor: Brian Ingram

Afternoon – “Structure and Exploitation of the Internet”

     Instructor: Steven Rambam

Training will be in simple, non-technical language, including case studies and hands-on, live demonstration of all topics covered. A central goal of this training event is to demystify these basic technologies and topics so that attendees can immediately begin incorporating them into their investigative and/or security tasks.

No programming skills are necessary.

A networking event will follow the day’s training.

For more information and to attend:

This event is restricted to law enforcement and investigative and security professionals and is not open to the general public. Early signup is strongly recommended as the prior event was heavily subscribed. Prospective co-sponsoring associations may contact the undersigned.

We hope to see you in Michigan on 20 March 2020. 

Posted on behalf of: Steven Rambam, CFE, CPP, PSP, PCI, CFCS, CSAR)FRATERNAL ORDER of INVESTIGATORS Education Committee

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