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Chapter Leadership Positions

Leading (Y)our Chapter

We can’t do it alone. Serve with us.


Preside over all chapter meetings, functions and events.

Performs the duties normally associated with a CEO of a company.

Under direction of the Regional Vice President and the Board of Directors, performs a wide range of management functions as required to meet the goals and objectives of the chapter and the organization.

Reporting link between the chapter and the Regional Vice President.

Uses considerable independent judgment in decisions that influence operations at the chapter level to ensure solvency of the chapter and ROI to chapter members.

James E. Harris

Vice Chair

Preside over all chapter meetings, functions and events when the chapter chairperson is not in attendance.

Reviews board and chapter activities and functions to ensure compliance with all ASIS International bylaws, policies, and procedures.

Uses considerable independent judgment in decisions that influence operations at the chapter level to ensure solvency of the chapter and ROI to chapter members.

troy elliot, CPP


Keep the minutes of all chapter leadership, committee and special meetings.

Maintain all official chapter records, including minutes, newsletters, and other official correspondence.

Complete and promptly submit monthly reports to the designated recipients.

Promptly notify ASIS Headquarters of results of the annual election.

Ensure all necessary correspondence representing the chapter is handled in a timely manner, including, but not limited to Thank You notes to speakers, presenters, special assistance.

Submission to ASIS International magazines articles regarding chapter activities and events.

Submits minutes of the chapter meetings to the newsletter each month.



Receive at all chapter functions and deposit, in an account in the name of the chapter, all monies, securities, funds, and monetary credits of or on behalf of the chapter.

Receive and safeguard all property and other physical assets owned by the chapter.

Keep regular accounts of all receipts and disbursements in suitable books provided for that purpose.  The records should be available for inspection by all officers and chapter members in good standing, and duly authorized representatives of the Society.

Disburse chapter funds upon approval and direction of the Chapter executive committee.

Report on the financial status of the chapter at chapter meetings as requested by the Chapter Chairman.

Forward financial status information in a timely manner to the Chapter Secretary for inclusion in the monthly Chapter Activity Report.

Adhere to any and all Internal Revenue filing requirements as set forth in ASIS Policy Guide 4015.

James Harris

Committees & Councils

Utilize ASIS Committee/Council Handbook

Lead committee/council members in the completion of goals and objectives

Select and maintain active and competent membership

Develop annual business plan

Develop and submit budget for approval, if required

Conduct a minimum of two meetings annually

Submit minutes for all meetings

Initiate, analyze and utilize surveys and studies

Create and submit handouts, articles and other publication information

Identify, organize and present seminar programs and workshops

Conduct an annual self-evaluation of committee/council goals and objectives

Provide interim and final reports to ASIS designated leadership

Submit recommendations for changes to committee/council functions